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Why I’m in Love with the Changing Seasons

I was driving up Mission when I first saw the leaves falling off the trees a few weeks ago. A smile spread across my face at the thought of what it signified – one of my favorite seasons fast approaching.

Today, the second of September, I stepped outside with a sweater on to chilly gray skies and raindrops dotting my windshield – and joy filled my heart because autumn had arrived right on time.

Some people like warm weather all the time. They would prefer to live somewhere tropical or at least maybe southern so that they can feel the warm rays of the sun more months out of the year. I, however, have lived in a place like that, and I couldn’t handle it.

When I discussed it with a friend who now lives in California, she gave an interesting perspective. She said, “When it’s warm and sunny all the time, you kind of feel like time is standing still. The changing seasons indicate that life is moving forward.

And I realized she’s completely right. Every distinct season has its beauty, and by observing their physical changes here in the Northwest, we are reminded of the beauty of these seasons of life we go through.

I might love fall the most because I love coziness and warmth – rainy days paired with blankets, cups of tea, pumpkins and burgundy leaves – but I don’t think I would like a world that was always fall. I love that it gives way to the coldness of winter with its celebration of Christmas, decked in white snow, green garlands, and red ribbons. And when I get tired of the cold, I know there is the promise of new life and growth in spring – the warming of the air, the delicate blooms of trees and flowers wakening up, and lighter clothes again. Then the school year comes to an end, and there is a break at the perfect time – when it’s starting to get hotter and we can enjoy “vacation” types of activities at lakes and beaches and oceans.

If I didn’t have the changing seasons, I would feel slightly depressed with the “sameness.” My writer’s soul needs the melancholy of rain and overcast skies to inspire deep thought and creativity. But if it’s gray for too long, I start to feel depressed – and I need the sun to appear again and remind me of the optimism I need to keep going.

Every season has its beauty, especially this upcoming one – for there is poetry to be found in steam curling off of hot mugs, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and warm sweaters hugging arms. It begs for comfort food, movie nights, and books to be read in front of a fireplace. These are the joys of life that make one glad to be alive … and I just don’t think I could live in a world that had no autumns.

So as fall comes to us in full swing, try not to bemoan the cold weather or lack of summer activities. Remember the gift that is October in the Northwest – the way Octobers were meant to be in all their russet and gold glory. Remember that skies scudded with gray clouds, orchards loaded with apples, crockpots bubbling with soup, and tummies filled with pumpkin spice everything are a gift and thing of beauty. Let’s never take them for granted – because this season is a piece of living art painted by a living God.

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