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When the Fight is Real and the Soul Feels Frail

Today it felt like the struggles of life were burdening my soul – not just my own struggles, but also the struggles of those I love around me. While there were moments of peace and joy and freedom (and enjoying white-chocolate-huckleberry dipped cheesecake!) – there were also moments when the effects of a fallen world just seemed to smack me in the face – and I hurt for myself and others.

Today, though, there were two rich sermons in the morning and a Bible study in the evening filled with truth to point my eyes back to eternal hope. Does eternal hope always give one instant happiness? No. It does not. Sometimes emotions are still heavy even when the mind knows the truth, but truth will ultimately prevail over emotions.

For as it was said in one sermon, “If you have been sent into battle, you have the most powerful Commander.” Indeed. Christ has sent us into battle and the fight. is. real. The battle against sin is excruciating. The battle against despair is frighteningly real. There are real hurts that we face in life and real questions and no “quick answer” will patch them up and tuck them away. Sometimes emotions are raw and we have to address them. We have to say, “Yes, this is where I’m at right now, and won’t you just please weep with me?”

But what we mustn’t ever forget in our battles is that our Commander is powerful and that He is always present with us in the anguish and agony. He wields a sword more powerful than our feeblest attempts, and His love is healing beyond what the mind can imagine.

When Christ says in John 8:36, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed,” He truly means that freedom is ours. He has set us free from the power of sin and condemnation. He has removed our bondage to despair and hopelessness, and He has created a forever hope in Himself.

Some days I don’t feel free. I feel like the burdens of life are weighing me down and that there is no escape route in sight. But despite what I feel, I still have to acknowledge the truth – that Christ has set me free, and I need to take refuge completely in who He is.

Because as it was said in the other sermon, “The love of God is the unwavering commitment to do whatever it takes to do what is best for you, which is to give you what is eternally satisfying – and that is God Himself.”

When I doubt that God actually cares about my problems in life, I must force myself to remember that He gave up everything to give me what I needed most – and that was Himself. His love is the best love, no matter what happens to me. I must make Him my deepest treasure and cling to Him when the world keeps throwing curveballs my way, because He is ultimately sovereign over all the curveballs.

My soul is frail and made of dust – to keep reminding me to cast my reliance on the One who made me and holds me. I have nothing, and Christ has the eternally satisfying living water to flood my thirsty soul with. I am quickly distracted by lesser things on this earth, and Christ wants to become my all-consuming vision – my eternal perspective in a world filled with disappointments, failures, let-downs, heartaches, and discouragements.

I don’t have the answers. This world doesn’t have the answers. Christ alone has the answers in his perfect Being. He gives what I need the most – and when the fight seems to grow more than what I can bear, He never leaves my side. He will remind me again and again of that sacrificial love if I will but put my eyes on His truth. He is always faithful – as surely as the morning sun will rise.

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