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Those Who Inspire Me

30-Day Writing Challenge
Day 4: Write About Someone Who Inspires You

The prompt said to write about “someone” who inspires you. But how could I possibly pick just one person when I am surrounded by people who inspire me in so many different ways? I am more than blessed to have been given people in my life who dare me to dream bigger, love deeper, and think widely. They might not realize that they are doing so, but just the way they live their lives is inspiration enough to live a more beautiful life.

I’m sure I’m leaving off so many people that I should include, but here’s a short list of some people who are dear in my life and have challenged me to grow in so many ways.

As Parents
Mom & Dad
Obviously my parents are going to top the list of people who inspire me because they’ve been there from the beginning and they are my go-to for the inspiration in many areas of my life (they could show up in so many more categories). But I guess it’s not always “obvious” in a day and age when faithful, committed, loving parents are fewer and farther between. I’m thankful for the way they have modeled how to give advice, yet still encourage independence; how to support us, yet encourage us to support ourselves; how to have fun as a family, and so much more.

As Men & Women of the Faith
Jerod & Sarah Gilcher, Ryan & Katy Faust, Adam & Angie Lausche, Walt & Pam Takisaki, Roy & Elizabeth Anderson
These are people whose lives of faith I only hope to emulate someday. They are real, honest people who have spoken truth into my life, who have let me see them live their faith in their own lives, and who consistently encourage me and point me back to Christ. I would not be where I’m at in my walk with Christ, were it not for them.

As Teachers
Carol Golden, Megan Haberman, Jo Constantine, September Caldwell, Sue Surby, Dave Hogberg, Kym Larson, Amy Pitotti, Amy Kennard, Dave Gamon
I think that I work with some of the best teachers in the world at my school. But these ones have been front-row examples in my life of the kind of teacher I want to be. I am amazed at the way they take a job that is so incredibly difficult, and make it look effortless by the way they love the kids they work with. Not only that, but they make what they are teaching so exciting and compelling that you can’t help but get excited about what they’re teaching, too. That is the kind of teacher I wake up every day wanting to be like.

As Writers
Emily Cnossen, Karli Klassen, Nikki Ziegler, Nick Sweeney
These are the people who share my writer’s soul and who won’t give up on encouraging me to keep writing (I actually have a lot more people than this who encourage me to keep writing, for which I am so thankful). They have shared their writing with me, given me feedback on mine, and given me many tools to make me a better writer. I’m so thankful that they’ve kept pushing me to pursue it.

As Hard-Working, Dream-Accomplishing Kinds of People
My five sisters and my one brother
I’m pretty proud of my siblings and all that they have worked so hard to do in their lives. They are all vastly different, but all of them set the example of the best work ethic everywhere they go (our parents must have trained us well or something like that …). They inspire me to keep going when life gets rough, to not give up, but also to pursue the dreams that I have, just like they do with their lives. What a strong support system I got with these beautiful siblings of mine!

As People Who Love Others Really Well
Kendra Maurer, Kari Papst, Kelsey Sebens, Jessica Belisle, Emily Jarms, Maggie Ciscomani, Hailley Jo Holcombe, Claire Millican
There are some people I know who just seem to look into others and see them for who they truly are – and they love them intentionally and beautifully. These people have done that in my life, and I have been so blessed by them. These people in particular don’t just say, “How are you?” to move the conversation along – they truly see each person as treasured and valuable and they take care in demonstrating love to them. What a beautiful gift to emulate.

As a Couple
Rick & Beth Taylor, Paul & Sheryl Russell
I admire many couples for their examples of faithful marriages. But there are a few that I see that I think, “That. That right there is what I hope to have one day if I ever get married.” Not only do these two couples show their love for their spouse on a regular basis, but they do what they love together. They have a shared passion for something God has uniquely gifted them for and they work together to accomplish that task. These two couples have been such amazing examples of encouragement and hospitality in my life, and any chance I get to spend with them is one where my life is greatly enriched.

Like I said, I could have gone on listing so many more people – I’ll probably think of ten more people I want to add as soon as I post this – but just know that your life matters in so many beautiful ways. You probably aren’t even aware of who you’re currently inspiring, but keep being faithful to Christ and what you’ve been called to do – and you will absolutely inspire those around you to do the same.

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