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5 Places to Visit

My dreamer’s soul loves to travel. I have always been allured by other places and new experiences in said places. When I’ve questioned why this is so, it’s hard to put a finger on it … but I’m simply fascinated by the diversity of our huge world, and I love taking in as much as I can.

I don’t want to be an annoying tourist, gawking at attractions and checking items off my bucket list – I want to immerse myself in someone else’s culture, appreciate it, and make a host of memories that I could never make in my tiny corner of the world. I want to discover stories of people different than me, I want to behold breathtaking views beyond my backyard (although I think the “backyard” of the PNW is the most beautiful in the world), and I want to taste what it’s like to love God’s people in every part of the world.

So my list of places to visit is never-ending – really, I love getting to go anywhere new – but if I had to pick a few top places, here’s my list (in no specific order):

1. New York City

I’d be happy just to see a few Broadway shows. But everything else I’ve ever heard about New York would also be nice.

2. Venice, Italy

I just want one gondola ride down streets made of water in my life, please. Also that Italian food …

3. France

France is just dreamy, no doubt about it. But also, I’ve always dreamed of having lunch at a sidewalk cafe, maybe doing a little bit of dancing on a cobblestone bridge, and buying some French bread and an old book at a market …

4. New England

Covered bridges, the colors of fall, lighthouses, and all the American history … my heart has long dreamed of those Maine and Connecticut towns.

5. Prince Edward Island

This should be a no-brainer if you know my obsession with Anne of Green Gables even a little bit… but if it’s half as beautiful as L. M. Montgomery describes it in her books, it would be the trip of a lifetime. Someday I’ll walk the same pathways as my bookish kindred spirits …

Special thanks to Emily Cnossen for my blog graphic and to Pinterest for supplying beautiful views of places to visit.

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