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A Heart Full of Thanks

Top Ten Things I’m Thankful for this Thanksgiving

1. Grace. Daily, undeserved grace to be called a child of God.

2. My family. They support me, love me, and remind me that I’m not alone.

3. My church. It gives me spiritual growth, leadership, accountability, and inspiration.

4. My job at Madison. I couldn’t ask for a better school, better co-workers, or better students.

5. CYT and that I get to work for Inc. What a blessing those HYPE kids are to me.

6. The gift of writing. So much joy comes when the words flow.

7. Theater – the power and gift of telling stories onstage.

8. My friends. They are the most faithful, encouraging, and loving. I love doing life with them.

9. My apartment. It didn’t have to have the bay window, the warm little kitchen, or all the space to spread out in, but it does and I love its coziness.

10. Music. It adds to my soul in a way I can’t describe – and sometimes feels as necessary to life as breathing.

There is so much more to be thankful for, but these ten things are gifts which give meaning to life. I hope that you are able to similarly recognize the gifts God has given to you and enjoy this day celebrating them.

May His name be praised for all His goodness to us.

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