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A Christmas Break To-Do List

30-Day Writing Challenge

Day 13: What are you excited about?

I am excited about Christmas break. I am excited to relax and not have to get up at 4:55 every morning. I’m excited to enjoy winter – from the inside. I’m excited to see more of my family and friends than I do right now, and I’m excited to do things that feed my soul.

And for my own sake – to not let the break slip away from me – here are a few items for a to-do list:

1) Have spontaneous adventures and not feel beholden to a schedule.

2) Don’t feel guilty for resting, but allow the brain to relax a little bit.

3) Build a snowman with some kids. Drink hot cocoa with whipped cream on top afterward.

4) Spend at least an hour writing (on a couple of days at least).

5) Spend at least an hour reading – finish a couple of books.

6) Go to the store with Mom to get the rest of the quilt stuff.

7) Bring Christmas cards to those who might not ordinarily get them (apartment manager, hair stylist, etc.).

8) Bake with Mama and sisters.

9) Play games with the family.

10) Have a sister/brother date.

11) See the movie “La La Land.”

12) Organize/clean classroom – and plan for the new trimester (sorry, but work still has to get done).

13) Walk downtown in the evening and enjoy the lights on the trees.

14) Have a coffee date or two.

15) Have dinner with friends.

16) Make goals for 2017.

Most of all, I don’t want to stress about getting things done. I’m a “to-do lister” for life – and sometimes the best to-do list is not having one. But I do want to make memories with those I love, see people who have been away, and enjoy the rest that is needed after some very intense weeks of work.

I hope that your Christmas celebrations are just as restful and delightful!

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