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The Movies that Never Get Old

30-Day Writing Challenge

Day 14: Post your favorite movies that you never get tired of watching.

This is probably not a comprehensive list – I’ll most likely think of more movies later that I will need to add – but this is partially a list of the movies that are a “part” of me. Movies that I watched at formative times in my life, that impacted who I am as a person, and that tell stories that touch a part of my soul that is otherwise difficult to explain. They are not in hierarchical order – simply favorites all along the spectrum.

1. Pride & Prejudice (the 2006 Keira Knightley version) (the music, the scenery, and Elizabeth Bennet’s character)

2. You’ve Got Mail (the bookstore, the improbable plotline, and Tom Hanks + Meg Ryan)

3. Newsies (singing & dancing boys, turn-of-the-century, youth revolution overturning the corruption of big business …)

4. Chocolat (France + chocolate shop + the soundtrack + Johnny Depp)

5. Sweet Home Alabama (the plot line = favorite kind of love story – he loved her and never gave up)

6. Get Smart (Steve Carrell, hilarious, and spy action)

7. Tangled (the music and clearly the best story line Disney has ever come up with for a princess story. Also, I’m practically Rapunzel)

8. Enchanted (or scratch that, I’m practically Giselle. I identify with her on so many levels).

9. Peter Pan (the 2003 Jeremy Sumpter version) (well, the story is my favorite. Also, so is Jeremy Sumpter in this movie. And the music – wow!)

10. Finding Neverland (again – the story of Peter Pan + Johnny Depp + the soundtrack + the story of a writer. Catching a theme here?)

11. P.S. I Love You (Irish accents, Hilary Swank’s cute outfits, and the story line, sad though it is)

12. August Rush (a story about a boy whose life is defined by music – and the improbable story line of him finding his parents. Yes, I love it).

13. The Princess Bride (it defined my childhood – I love the characters, the story line, and ALL the quotable lines)

14. That Thing You Do (one of the best stories ever – plus it’s the early 60’s, so what could be better?)

15. The Holiday (the characters + their journey + the music + cute English cottage)

16. The Sound of Music (cliché though it may be … it defined my childhood)

17. Midnight in Paris (Paris + writers + the 20’s + Owen Wilson + the cinematography)

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