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Dear Friend: What I Need to Say

30-Day Writing Challenge

Day 23: A letter to someone, anyone

Dear friend,

I wish we still talked to each other. I wish we still made each other laugh, and I wish I didn’t have to look back on our memories with a slight sigh of regret instead of all happiness.

Dear friend, I wish I didn’t always feel like I was in competition with you. I wish the comparison thief wouldn’t come in and steal my joy of our friendship by making me feel inferior to you.

Dear friend, I’m happy that I met you and that we shared something together even if things didn’t work out between us. You always knew how to brighten up my day.

Dear friend, sometimes I hope I’m not a burden to you and that you’re not hanging out with me because you feel like you “have to.”

Dear friend, I’m sorry we grew apart. I’m sorry that our life experiences have made us into different people and that we don’t share what we once did.

Dear friend, I’m really glad you’ve never given up on me, even if I’ve been selfish and demanding.

Dear friend, thank you for all the times you danced with me.

Dear friend, it astonishes me to think of how afraid/in awe of you I once was, and how you have since showed me such great love over the past several years. You have truly helped me to believe in myself.

Dear friend, I wish you were a better texter! 😉

Dear friend, I’m really glad we worked out our issues, and that there is only happiness where there was once strife.

Dear friend, thank you for reminding me of who I really am when I least believe it about myself.

Dear friend, thank you for still being my friend despite everything else.

Dear friend, I’m sorry that I’ve disappointed you, and I hope the hurt will heal someday.

Dear friend, please don’t forget me.

Dear friend, if you need to tell me something, I really, really wish you would.

Dear friends – all of you – I wish that I could be a better friend. I wish that I wasn’t so selfish, and I wish that God’s love more perfectly flowed through me. But despite all the things I probably can’t say to people, and all the things they probably can’t say to me, let me at least say this:

To anyone who has showed me their friendship and is reading this: thank you. Thank you for bringing Christ’s joy into my life, for sharing laughter with me, and for living life with me. Thank you for believing in me, and I only hope I returned the favor a little bit.

Isn’t it amazing how God works through us imperfect people and still allows friendships to flourish despite our failings? I am daily grateful for that – and daily grateful for the people who bring me joy in dozens of ways.

With much love,

Lydia Lee

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