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7 Goals for 2017

30-Day Writing Challenge

Day 29: What are your goals for the next 30 days?

Setting goals is kind of like a hobby for me. I love setting goals because it gives me something to always work towards. Checking things off of a list brings me great joy, and yes, there’s a kind of euphoria that comes from productivity.

But setting goals is also kind of like dreaming with your eyes open. There’s the possibility of “what if.” There’s the imagination coloring future memories in golden colors. There’s the ideals of becoming something better, something more interesting, something more exciting.

Every new year, I stand at the brink of so many dreams waiting to come true. And I write them down, and then at the end of the year, I look back in reflection to see if I accomplished them.

2015? I accomplished nearly every goal on my list. It was such a great feeling because for once in my life, I wrote them all down, I worked really hard on them, and they actually happened.

2016? I hardly accomplished any of my goals. But when I look back on them, I realize that it was because I changed throughout the year. I wanted different things than I thought I did at the beginning of the year (or even a few years ago). Instead, I accomplished different things this last year – goals that I made a quarter of the way through the year or halfway through. And those things also made me really happy.

So here’s the thing about my goals for 2017: I narrowed my list down to seven overarching goals, which I’ll break down into smaller weekly/monthly goals. But if I change my mind throughout the year or I decide to modify or switch out those goals – it will be okay. I won’t be a failure. I’ll just be someone who is realistic enough to know herself and what she should be doing.

We should never be afraid to adjust our dreams as we come to discover who we truly are and how God has gifted us. But we should also learn to be dedicated to some of those dreams and learn the discipline that’s needed for long-term goal accomplishment. Because some dreams are worth pursuing, no matter how long they take or hard they are to accomplish. I’ve been there. It’s pretty sweet.

So Seven Goals for 2017:

1) Make good progress on the draft of my book. [2/3 of it finished?? All of it finished??]
2) Take a trip with Kelsey [hopefully to New England]
3) Buy a new bed/decorate bedroom
4) Move in with a roommate
5) Build blog readership
6) Read 40 books [see below reading challenge]
7) Get healthier – meaning, make a realistic exercise plan and stick to it

Also, if you recall, I did this little 50-book reading challenge in 2015. My mom joined me in that challenge and enjoyed it so much she’s doing another one this coming year – taken from Tim Challies’ blog. Hers is 104 books, and since I know I could never attain such a lofty goal, I’ve trimmed it down to 40 – picking my favorite categories, which are as follows, if you care to read it. I’ll be updating you with some reviews and progress on that throughout the year.

Additionally, there are some great changes in store for my blog, so be on the look-out for them, coming the 1st of January! Here’s to the excitement of new years, new goals, and new motivation.

2017 Reading Challenge
1. A biography
2. A classic novel
3. A book targeted at your gender
4. A book about theology
5. A book with at least 400 pages
6. A book your pastor recommends
7. A book about Christian living
8. A book published in 2017
9. A book for children or teens
10. A book of your choice
11. A book about a current issue
12. A book by or about a missionary
13. A book recommended by a family member
14. A book with a great cover
15. A book on the current NY Times list of bestsellers
16. A book of 100 pages or less
17. A book that won a prize
18. A book from a theological viewpoint that you disagree with
19. A book about apologetics
20. A book based on a true story
21. A book about prayer
22. A book of poetry
23. A book with a one-word title
24. A novel by an author you’ve never read before
25. A book by a female author
26. A book published by Crossway
27. A book targeted at the other gender
28. A book you started but never finished
29. A book about holiness or sanctification
30. A book about science
31. A book about parenting
32. A book about business
33. A book about marriage
34. A book about suffering
35. A book by your favorite author
36. A book recommended by a friend
37. A book with an ugly cover
38. A book about money or finance
39. A book about writing
40. A book about leadership

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