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Welcome to a New Home!


It is with no little excitement that I introduce you to the new home of my blog. The move from one host to another has been a long time in coming, and I figured the best time to do it would be at the New Year.

Thankfully it’s still the same blog with all the old posts, just a little updated, with some easier-to-use features. I pray you bear with me as I figure out all the new little corners of this home … I am not always the most tech savvy, but over time I’m usually able to figure it out.

If you enjoy reading my blog, I would absolutely love your support through subscribing to it (you can do so through the button on the right sidebar or at the bottom, depending on your viewing mechanism). This helps me to know that I have a regular readership, but if you just want to continue clicking through when I post on Facebook, that is obviously acceptable as well! I appreciate every kind of support.

As it is a snowy day with many domestic tasks waiting for me, this is all of my post – but thank you again for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the new looks of “The Vintage Girl”!

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