Blog 365 · Whispers of Faith

The Silent Serpent of Compromise


Subtle. Deceitful. Shifting shades of gray.

Whispers of hope. Contentment. Happiness.

Always creeps in slowly.

Otherwise you would suspect it.

Hot breath of desire.

Feelings of shame.

Ache of want dressed up in need.

Sliding down gently with possibility.

Promise of only one bite.

Rationale that it isn’t actually sin.

Constant arguments for why it is safe.

Death grip. Iron hold. Crack in your armor.

Corrodes the strong. Eats up the weak.

Convinces the logical. Enslaves the mind.

Begins with the nicest of possibilities –

The sweetest of compliments.

Attacks those who think they are  immune.

But nobody is immune to compromise.

Everyone will be tempted –

To give up their convictions, their morals, their beliefs –

For what?

Acceptance? Love? Approval? Attention?

Yes, all of it.

Our hearts are sponges for all of that.

The only cure?

The iron-grip the Savior has on us.

Greater promises. Stronger truth. Deeper satisfaction.

“My hope is in you all day long.” (Ps. 25:5)

Scripture inhaled. Pressed to the heart.

Fleeing from temptation.

Replacing it with obedience to Christ.

His blood. Covering all our failures.

His blood. Forgiving our shame.

His blood. Rescuing us from destruction.

Sweet relief from the lies of compromise.

Because the truth?

We don’t have to give in.

He has given us strength to overcome.

And my Savior always wins the war –

Even if I fail in the battle.

And He promises –

“No one whose hope is in [Me]

Will ever be put to shame.” (Ps. 25: 3)

His is the victory.

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