Blog 365 · Warm Fuzzies

20 Life Pleasures that are Completely Underrated



I found the original list on Pinterest a little while back & it just filled me with all the warm-fuzzies. I figured you might need some of those yourself tonight … so I’m sharing the list with you with just a few of my own tweaks. But once you start thinking of all the sweet little pleasures in life, it’s hard to not want to keep going! So maybe make a list of your own tonight and pull it out whenever you feel like you need a smile.

  1. Lying in bed on a stormy morning and not having to get up.
  2. When you have had water in your ear all day, and then that nice fuzzy moment when the lukewarm water leaves your ear.
  3. When something stuck between your teeth finally gets out.
  4. The moment you see the server approaching on the horizon with your food.
  5. Opening up your windows after a long, cold winter … when the breeze brings the smell of flowers and freshly mowed grass into your bedroom.
  6. That little window of time where you’re lying in bed awake just on the precipice where you could fall back asleep for another hour or two if you wanted, and then you realize you can.
  7. Being finished with something you really dreaded doing. It’s a huge weight off your mind and a sense of accomplishment all rolled into one.
  8. Hearing the text message sound when having a great conversation with someone you love.
  9. When you’re able to genuinely make another person laugh.
  10. Waking up feeling rested. It happens so rarely that when it does, you feel like you can take anything on that day.
  11. Pulling on pants fresh and warm from the dryer.
  12. Kissing a baby’s head.
  13. Having the song on the radio finish at the exact instant you pull into the driveway and turn off the car.
  14. Hearing that gentle crumbly sound your vacuum makes when it picks something up.
  15. Fresh sheets on your bed.
  16. Laughing. We do it all the time, but I think we take for granted how truly pleasurable it is.
  17. First gulp of water after walking home on a hot day.
  18. Turning the Christmas tree lights on in a dark room.
  19. Taking off cold, wet socks and putting on dry new ones.
  20. Spending the exact amount of money (or less!) that you budgeted for something.

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