Blog 365 · Singleness

To You Who Are Lonely


You who don’t have “someone” on Valentine’s Day –

There’s another “someone” out there who doesn’t either.


You who think you are forgotten – you are not.

You are remembered.


You who try to mask your pain with laughter and jokes –

It is real, and I understand.


You who feel the bitterness rise within you unbidden –

It’s okay – surrender it tonight.


You who just ache for the touch of another human being –

Let your raw, shivering soul be covered in grace right now.


When you’re tired of crying the tears,

When you’re exhausted of the mental battle,

When you’re ready to give up hope,

When you’re longing to pretend it doesn’t matter anymore,


Whisper a prayer – and sink into the Savior’s embrace.

His nail-scarred hands, though invisible, hold the only comfort.

His words of truth, though familiar, bring the only joy.

His dying sacrifice, though so long ago, still proclaims the deepest love.


Valentine’s Day comes and goes.

But the love of Christ remains forever.

Pink hearts and chocolate kisses are temporary –

Security and hope in our Savior is eternal.


Man-made holidays can tug on our emotions,

But the Father who made our emotions is greater.

Let us choose to trust His tender mercies tonight.

Let us surrender to His great grace demonstrated to us.


On this walk that seems to wend its way through desert places,

May we hold one another’s hands,

And not judge the tears that slip out past clenched throats

Or scoff at the pain that wraps around burdened hearts.


May we love one another enough to point our eyes back to Christ,

May we embrace one another long enough to absorb the pain,

May we listen to each other deeply enough to hear the lament,

And may we be gentle enough to speak words of life that revive souls.


To you who are lonely tonight –

Jesus has promised to never leave you nor forsake you.

The hurt might remain, but never doubt –

The Great Healer is always beside you.


He has promised to hold you fast,

“For He loves you so.”


There is no greater promise.

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