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A Small Hiatus from Blogging


Thank you to all those of you who faithfully read my blog (and those of you who read one or two posts now and then). Your support means the world to me. For those of you who may have noticed that my posts have been rather sparse this month (and not living up to my “Blog 365” challenge that I gave myself last July) – an explanation – in the form of the picture above:

I’m about to embark on another love of mine, a long-held dream come true, of directing the show Snow White for CYT-North Idaho. There is no doubt that I love writing – that writing blog posts is a joy, a stress-reliever, and a delight. Yet I have another love that hasn’t been indulged in a few years, and that’s the love of theater and CYT.

I have had the privilege of doing Theater Clubs at my school which have been delightful. But for the girl who worked for CYT for seven years, minored in theater in college, and dreamed of directing a fully-staged musical since she graduated as a student from CYT – this spring is the time to see such a dream come true.

As I have prepared for the show in reading up on directing, scouring Pinterest for costume and set design inspiration, and combing through the script in preps for character development, I have felt some sadness at not having the time to keep up my blog as I so love to do. Yet I have felt immense joy at the other kind of creativity that is now allowed to come welling forth – the kind of creativity where my heart feels so at home within the safe, welcoming arms of CYT.

My blog is far from over, though. It simply needs to take a backseat in this season of directing – which will only be for a few months. Come summertime, I fully expect to commit again to more regular posts. And there will most likely be the occasional post here and there throughout April and May, but not as frequent as I have been for the last several months. Most of my writing in the evenings will be working on my book since it’s easier to work in a few paragraphs for a chapter than a fully-formulated blog post [and I may share snippets of it on here as I go].

A week from today I’ll be in the throes of casting a show along with the rest of our extremely talented artistic team for Snow White. I will most likely be exhausted, but it will be the best possible kind of exhaustion – the kind that comes from doing what you love, in a place where art and theater are done to bring glory to God. I’ll be home again, and I can’t wait to see where the journey takes me.

Image taken from Pinterest.

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