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Daily Reminders for Busy Seasons of Life


Don’t be afraid to do what you love. They might tell you it’s impractical, they might tell you it takes too much time, they might tell you it’s not worth it. But it’s always worth it. You love it for a God-given reason – now don’t be afraid to pour your heart into it for His glory.

Someone out there loves you, even if they don’t tell you every day. Maybe they haven’t had time today. Maybe they forgot. Maybe they haven’t screwed up enough courage yet. Maybe they never will. But someone out there thinks the gleam in your eye and the beat of your heart are some of the most precious things ever created.

Always be a little kinder than you feel. Feelings come and go. Making someone know they are valued and appreciated lasts forever. The look of hurt on their face also lasts a long time when you’ve given in to irritated, annoyed, angry feelings. Smile even when you don’t feel like it – and it might bring kindness to your own heart.

Sometimes there are bad days, but there’s always tomorrow. Bad days don’t last forever. It might feel like it, but they really don’t. There’s always a sunrise promised, even if we can’t always see it.

It’s okay to cry sometimes. Tears can be healing to the soul – and if nothing else, it relieves the pent-up pressure in your heart. Your tears are precious to Christ – He collects them and kisses them away with His endless love.

When you feel the pressure boring a hole into your head, just pause – and pray. Don’t just sit there and overthink it. Relinquish it to God. Ask Him to take what you can’t bear anymore – and He always will. Prayer is often our last resort – but we need to make it such a habit that it’s always our first resort.

Memories are only made when you stop rushing to the next thing. Love what you have right now instead of hurrying through your checklist. Savor this moment, with these people, at this time in history. You’re alive to make a difference – and it will only happen if you’re alive to this moment and being intentional about your memory-making.

Always make time to make the bed and do the dishes. No matter how busy life might get, these small daily tasks will bring a sense of peace instead of adding to the anxiety of “undone” things.

Building relationships can still be woven into the threads of your days. Maybe that’s by giving a ride to someone and using that time as your “hang-out” time. Maybe that’s by reading with a child for five minutes of the day and discussing the story and the way it lights up their eyes. Maybe that’s by calling Mom yet again to double-check that you’re doing this cooking thing right. Maybe that’s by laughing with a co-worker in the copy room on your prep. Don’t rush by these opportunities. All of them are valuable parts of your day.

When you feel like you can’t do it all, let go of your own expectations of yourself. Chances are, nobody else is expecting you to “do it all.” So why are you hanging on to these expectations of perfection? Give a little and a sigh of relief will come your way. Don’t try to live according to the picture in your head – try to live according to pictures of grace and moments of authenticity.

At the end of the day, use the right measuring stick. Are you using the measuring stick of personal accomplishment and productivity to feel good about yourself? Or are you using the measuring stick of walking with Christ and doing His work with great love to others? One will burn you out – the other will give you the greatest peace and contentment at the end of the day.

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