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A Celebration of 2017

The year is quietly melting away. Folding itself up to be tucked into the past. Slipping into the treasure trove of our memories.

I love the turning of the calendar – an opportunity to begin anew, a hopeful anticipation of what’s to come, a fresh setting of goals and dreams. But I also love the pause to look back – to celebrate God’s faithfulness in yet another year of life. These year-end posts of mine usually tend to be optimistic, as most people’s are – the highlight reel of an otherwise routine set of days.

But please don’t be deceived, and think that the year was just one set of adventures after another. To be quite honest, there were actually many tougher days in 2017 than I would have hoped for – and there were many weeks and months were nothing “exciting” happened, per se – just the quiet habits of going to work, grading papers, washing dishes, cleaning the house, and prepping for another week.

In between, God seasoned these days with experiences that have now become the sweetest of memories – for I did have a few dreams come true this year, and I can honestly say there were moments that I was – as Lizzie Bennet described it – “perfectly & incandescently happy.” Despite the fact that I wrote often about the more challenging days of being single, the truth is that I had a beautiful time being single this year for God continued to teach me about my purpose in this season of life. And that purpose was living fully into the dreams that He had prepared for me – dreams of directing, leading HYPE at Expo with some of my favorite people, being in another show, taking English classes, teaching 5th grade, and writing and speaking.

To those of you who shared in these experiences – the big ones and the small ones – thank you. Thank you for sharing in my joy, my tears, my accomplishments, and my failures. Thank you for encouraging me, for blessing me with undeserved gifts, and for being my friend. If 2018 is anything like 2017 (and it already has some great promises in store!), I know it will be an adventure of greatest design.

Now for the memories …

1-Jan 14th-Finding Neverland
January – Got to see Finding Neverland in Seattle with my sister, Valerie. I fell in love with the stage version just as much as I did with the film version.
2-Feb. 18th-Mini golf with Theo
February – Mini-golf date with this 10-year old nephew who never fails to make me smile.
3-Feb. 26th-Joseph Stars
February – Saw CYT-Spokane’s Joseph with these three leading the way. So proud of how they’ve grown since they were 8 & 9 years old!
4-March 3rd-Dr. Seuss Day
March – Celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday with the best teaching team ever … as Things 1, 2, 3 & 4!
5-April 5th-Freezer Meals
April – Shelby & I chopped our way to 3 weeks worth of freezer meals – to sustain us in the busy spring months of teaching.
6-April 19th-UnicornFrappe
April – It was Wear a Dress Wednesday & Unicorn Frappuccino Day – and I was a little excited.
May – Jessica, Scotty & I – CYT Alumni who were also spring show directors. I guess you could say we get along pretty well.
8-May 4th-Star Wars Door
May – My students designed and decorated our door for the SBAC Door Decorating contest. I was pretty proud of them!
9-May 16th-Jared Chloe
May – Snow White & the Prince overtook my spring, but I could not have been in a happier place. Also, I taught these two to look in love, so I feel successful.
10-May19th-Artistic Team
May – I was blessed with such an amazing artistic team in Kay & Charlsie! They made working on this show a dream.
May – My Evil Queen was every bit the opposite of evil in real life – and it was such a joy to work with her!
12-June 12th-Theatre Inspires
May – This cast stole my heart. And I will forever be grateful that they were my very first one.
13-June 4th-LionKing
June – Got to see Jessica’s magic in directing Lion King … I am forever inspired by this dear friend.
June – CYT Expo happened once again, and I got a HYPE assistant this year. I literally could not have asked for a better assistant than Jensen. The HYPE kids were right – #teamjensen all the way.
June – I got to go down to San Diego early this year, and Rachael & Kristina & I shared some great bonding time [in between the insanity of prepping for Expo!]. Our Marco Polos were legendary.
June – My heart is the fullest when all of us are together once a year. I love these HYPE student leaders more than I can even say.
17-July 5th-Roommates
July – Nikki & I became roommates!
July – Moved into this darling little house with all of its history & charm.
August – Dream come true – got to be in Thoroughly Modern Millie, directed by Joseph & starring our very own Jessica as Mrs. Meers.
20-Aug. 6th-Flappers
August – I got to be a flapper … one of the Hotel Ladies (or “hotel homies”), and we had the most fun together.
21-Aug. 31st-Year 4
August – Started Year 4 as a 5th-grade teacher.
22-Oct. 1st-New Quilt
October – My mama finished this beautiful quilt for my new “grown-up” bed.
23-Nov. 12th-TeacherTwins
November – College Group Fall Retreat – one of my favorite times of year. Accidentally twinned with the lovely Katelyn in our “teacher dresses.”
Nov. 26th-ChristmasVillage
November – Molly & Renee bought me a Christmas village for my birthday … and it is literally one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever received as a gift.
December – Got to share my birthday weekend in Leavenworth with these dear friends. It was every bit as magical as I hoped it would be.
December – I got to speak at the Women’s Christmas Dessert at church, and it was such an honor to be able to share my story.
27-Dec. 26th-SisterVicki
December – It’s Christmas when this sister comes home from across the country.
28-Dec. 28th-ValerieMom
December – Home is when I’m with my family whom I love the most. Perfect way to end the year.

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