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2018 – The Moments that Became Memories

At the beginning of this year, I wrote about how I wanted 2018 to be the relationship year (see this blog post). I wrote about how I wanted to be active in cultivating my relationships with others – by listening actively, reaching out regularly, keeping my schedule clear, being generous with my time and money, caring about what was going on in their hearts, and loving them genuinely, like Christ.

And for once, I kept track of this theme throughout the year – almost every month, I reflected on the month before and what I had learned and then prayed for specific growth in the next month. There were a lot of times when I failed at this, but the lessons that Christ taught me were some of the most beautiful. And in the process, my year was filled with moments that became memories – because I said yes to the relationship and no to selfishness.

God brought me opportunities to give of my time to others, where I had to trust that He would give me strength and rest as a reward. He showed me how to give of my money to others instead of hoarding it to myself. He opened my eyes to conversations to be held, sacrifices to be made, and joy-filled experiences to be had – and I feel my life to be so much the richer because of it.

Not all of these moments and experiences were captured in pictures, but the few that were will always remind me of the precious people in my life with whom I get to share friendship – and the ways that our relationships grew this year.

And so … here’s a peek into some of my favorite moments from 2018:

January – Started the year off by getting to be maid of honor for this very dear friend in her wedding. What a joy to see dreams come true that we’ve had since kids!


IMG_1393 (Edited)
February – Held a small Valentine’s Party for some good friends – a little reminder that we can all celebrate love, because God is the Author of the greatest Love Story of all time. 
March – Dream come true – got to see “Hamilton” with my sister in Seattle, complete with going to high tea right before. 
March – Had a little “Snow White” reunion with some of the best teenagers I know. 
April – Spring Break mini-golfing with this fun nephew of mine … always a favorite. 
May – Received these flowers from one of my sweet girls the day after Mother’s Day because she said, “You’re like a mother to me.” 
June – Became an adult. Bought a house. 
June – Rollerskated my way into the CYT Expo with these two rad humans as my assistants.
June – Working the CYT Expo with these fabulous people is literally my favorite part of every year. 
July – Saw “The Greatest Showman” (now my favorite movie) outdoors with one of my all-time favorite humans, Jessica. 
August – Celebrated my sister’s 40th birthday by going parasailing with her for the first time!
August – Ate ice cream at a farmer’s market with some of my favorite little people. 
August – Started Year 5 as a teacher with another fabulous class!
September – Got to stand by this sister’s side as maid of honor – loved watching her dreams come true. 
October – Fall came. And it was everything this hygge girl loves. 
November – Did this mystery box with my class after we finished reading “The City of Ember.” It was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.
November – Got to finally meet in person my Maggie’s sweet baby girl. 
December – Celebrated turning 31 with some friends doing an Escape Room – my new favorite thing.
December – Did “The Greatest Show” for Theater Club at school, and I was blown away by these kids’ talents – especially the girl who designed and painted these backdrops!
December – Hosted a table at our annual Women’s Christmas Dessert at church. I do love making a table pretty.

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