The Priceless Gift of Your Soul


There’s a stunning sunset

Happening in your mind,


Or maybe you’re peering

Over the edge of a waterfall

To the place where

The river crashes into a rainbow.


Maybe there’s the fireworks of a dream

Exploding in your thoughts,


Or maybe there’s the smallest flicker

Of a candle flame burning through

The fears that linger in shadows

And lighting up a room with hope.


Because I see it in your eyes

When they shine so brightly.


I see it when you gaze into the distance

And you’re unaware of anyone watching.


You let glimpses of it escape

Through your laughter,

Through your tone,

Through your words.


You might not even know how to say it.


The visions in your mind’s eye

Might elude description,

Or they might seem dull

When formed into words.


You might try to start,

Then back off

When others don’t understand.


But I know.


I know

Because I’ve seen the sunset too.


I’ve felt the water on my face,

Marveled at the dance of light,

Become breathless at the way

Music moves in my veins,


And I know

What you’re unable to speak.


Which is why

I can simply look you in the eye

And nod.


Because in that gaze,

I’m letting you know my soul

Understands yours,

And you don’t need to explain.


I know your mind

Is a beautiful place,

Even if others don’t see it.


You’ve shared enough for me

To believe in the depths of your soul

That is so easily hidden

From the casual onlooker.


Your sunset dreams

Are safe with me,

My love.


They are worth far more

Than anything money can buy –

For they are the priceless gift of your soul.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

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