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Can You Wait?

can you wait

Can you wait –

For the slow, steady development

Of a love so precious

And beautiful –


Instead of rushing ahead

Into something hasty,

Based only on feelings

And heady flirtations?


Can you wait –

For a bit of maturity,

A bit of depth developed,

And a bit of longevity promised –


Rather than plunging in

As fast as you can,

Because you had to have it

Before it got away?


Can you wait –

To get to know your Savior better,

To explore His standards,

And to trust His love more deeply –


Instead of dating so many people

To fill the quiet, lonely gaps,

That you don’t have time

To see through the eyes of Christ?


Can you wait?


Can you be patient with unanswered questions –

Can you hold on through unanswered prayers –

Can you be diligent in times of silence –

Can you believe His timing is better than your own?


Most people would say no.

Most would say, “What’s the point?”

Most would scoff,

And most would continue on

With their hurried decisions.


But some of us will say yes

To this call.

Some of us will feel frail as we try,

And some of us will fear

We won’t make it.


But to those who dare say yes,

Christ will give His strength.

He will provide love

Deeper than any human’s,


He will make clear

The dimly lit path,

And He will reveal

The tenderest of mercies.


“Can you wait?”

Is not what the impatient hearts

Want to hear.


But when those hearts

Have slowly learned patience,

They will discover

That the golden-hued reward

For such patience

Far outweighs any cheap prize

They could have grasped

In hastier pursuits.


“Can you wait, my child?”

The Father asks.


And I reply,


“Till kingdom come, if I must.”


Photo by Majid Sadr on Unsplash.

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