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Be With Someone


Be with someone who inspires you,

Who sparks creativity in you,

Who makes you ponder,

Who makes you pause,

Who makes you present.


Be with someone who makes you brave –

Who helps you find courage

You thought was lost

In the darkness of night.


Be with someone who helps you dream –

Who says “what if”

And begins coloring in

Edges of possibility

With shades of reality.


Be with someone who you can trust –

Who holds all your tender parts

And all your healing scars

With the utmost care and love.


Be with someone whose faith is deep –

Who prays long and hard,

Who searches Scripture daily,

Who eagerly speaks

Of the Christ he loves.


Be with someone who doesn’t mind your mess –

Who knows you’re human,

Who gets it and is patient,

And humbly acknowledges

His humanity as well.


Be with someone

Who tells a story with his life –

A story that’s not about himself –

But about those around him

That he’s serving with his life

Every day.


And if that someone isn’t there yet –

Or isn’t ready –

Or doesn’t seem to exist at all –


Then spend your time –

Not settling for less

Or lowering your standards –

But by becoming that someone.


Because being that someone

Is just as important

As being with that someone.


That someone is needed

To make a difference in the world.

And God can surely use you,

Whether you’re with that someone

Or not.


Photo by Manuel Meurisse on Unsplash.

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