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The Lord Has Need of It


Doing some Holy Week reflection poems this week to help center my heart and mind on the beauty of the Crucifixion and Resurrection. I pray they encourage your heart as well. 

“The Lord Has Need of It” – based on Luke 19:28-40

A colt, untied

To fulfill prophecy

Because the Lord

Had need of it.


A pathway into Jerusalem,

Strewn with cloaks

And well-meaning shouts –

Because the Lord

Had need of it.


Obedient disciples

On mission

For their Master –

Because the Lord

Had need of it.



What do You

Have need of

In my life right now?


What do I

Need to surrender

In order that

You might be glorified?


What mission do You

Need me to take up –

What obedience do You

Ask me to render –

What praise do You

Rightly deserve –

What pilgrim path do You

Want me to follow?


On the eve of this Holy Week –

A week of solitary seclusion –

A week of mournful celebration –

I look to You for answers.


Help me to see

What You, my Lord,

Have need of

In quiet reflections, prayers, and praise.


And may You

Receive with joy and gratitude

All You deserve

And much more beside.


Photo by Anna Kaminova on Unsplash.

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