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The Masquerade of Worshipers


Holy Week Reflections, Day 2

“The Masquerade of Worshipers” – Matthew 21:12-17

They masqueraded as worshipers.

You saw right through them.

They robbed and cheated and stole.

You exposed them for all to see.


They pretended all was well.

Your gaze pierced through their unwell souls.

They flaunted their money, religion, and power.

You hurled all of that to the ground in a flash.


You came to bring peace in prayer –

To restore worship to its rightful place.

You wept over their blindness –

And died for them anyway.


Open my eyes, Lord, to the ways

That I masquerade, cheat, and steal.

Make me less of a pretender

And more of an honest repenter.


Bring me to the place of restoration,

Drive from my heart evil desires.

Help me find true rest in worship –

Not use it as a front or a habit.


Let me slip my hand into Yours,

Sit by Your side as You teach,

Hang on every word from Your mouth,

And be transformed by Your Holy Spirit.


Photo by DANNY G on Unsplash.

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