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The Majestic Crescendo


Holy Week Reflections, Day 3

“The Majestic Crescendo” – based on all 4 Gospel accounts

A woman dripping perfume

Into His hair,

A band of chief priests

Scheming in secret,

A traitor bought out by

Thirty pieces of silver,

A disciple swearing loyalty,

But with wavering resolve,

A night dark with dread

And anticipation.


The hour came.

They all reclined.

He gave thanks,

They broke the bread,

They passed the cup.


Silence fell.

The Lamb to be slaughtered

Sat in front of them,

Giving up his body and blood.


The old covenant

Was laid to rest.

A new covenant

Was brought to life.


God’s plan was unfolding –

And yet the twelve

Began arguing

About their own importance.


So human of us –

To miss the bigger picture

In our eager pursuit

Of selfishness and pride.


And yet the Savior

Knelt with cloth in hand,

Bending with humility

To wash dust-soaked feet.


He looked into the eyes

Of traitors and cowards,

Loving them,

Serving them.


He walked forward

With solemn resolve

To fulfill the Scripture,

To save a lost world.


It was all planned

Before the dawn of time,

It was all executed

With majestic precision.


The notes of betrayal,




And hope

Were coming together

In wild crescendo.


The final hour had almost come –

And all creation held its breath.


Photo by alireza nazari on Unsplash.

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