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The Sabbath Day of Silence


Holy Week Reflections, Day 6

“The Sabbath Day of Silence” – based on all 4 Gospels

A grieving people

Stayed home that Sabbath –

The Sabbath after

The darkest day in history.


The women saw

Their Messiah buried

In a rich man’s tomb

And went home to prepare Him spices.


The chief priests

Went to Pilate in fear,

Demanding the tomb be guarded

For even they had doubts.


And surely,

The weeping hearts questioned –

“Why? Why did it end this way?

Why didn’t He save Himself?”


But the Sabbath day

Was silent

As they waited –

Their questions left unanswered.


It seemed that God

Had forgotten about them

And left them without a Savior –

Just when it seemed all was well.


He had come into their lives

And changed everything –

He had brought peace and love

Into dark places full of strife.


And then He was brutally

Condemned and killed,

Seemingly for no reason,

Leaving the world without protest.


It seemed cruel and ugly and unfair.

And all they could do that Sabbath

Was weep and wait and wonder

Why everything had gone so wrong.


But God wasn’t done with the story –

Any more than he’s done with ours.

He just needed them to trust Him

All the way till day’s end.


For Sunday’s dawn would reveal

The reason for Sabbath’s silence.


Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash.

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