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The Forever Triumph


Holy Week Reflections, Day 7

“The Forever Triumph” – based on Matthew 28

Humans fear

When they stare into

The unmistakable majesty

Of God the Almighty.


They try to bar the way,

Shut the door,

Set a guard

To keep His glory

From shining through.


But it’s not possible.


Our God

Is so much stronger

Than the feeble attempts

Of man to contain Him.


He was buried

In Joseph’s tomb

Because He chose

To stay in the grave

For three days.


And He chose

To rise again,

Causing the guards to

Fall away in fear.


Forever He proved His triumph.

Forever He conquered death.

Forever He broke man’s chains.

Forever He reigns on high.


How great is our God.


Picture gleaned from Google Images. 

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