Pandora's Box

The Truth Inside the Lies


There’s at least one truth hidden inside these lies. Maybe more. It’s up to you to decide.

I’ve walked miles and miles before in a crowd of thousands of people, carrying secrets they would never know.

There were tears in his eyes as he told me he didn’t want to be my friend anymore.

I’ve never loved a man younger than me – or is that I’ve never loved a man older than me – or the same age as me?

I gave up on that dream. You know the one. The one that fed my soul and seemed far too impractical.

I asked a boy to a dance once. You know, just so I could see what it felt like. And he said no. Because I told him to.

Perhaps he looked at me one time, and thought I was beautiful. I don’t know. He never had the courage to tell me.

I was the most popular girl in the room. And I loved every single moment of their attention.

I was the most unnoticed girl in the room. And the ignoring felt like the loudest cymbals clanging all around me.

I rebelled for just one moment. And it felt a little liberating.

And when he kissed me, it felt like the world stood still.

Some dreams aren’t meant to be told. Because they reveal dark and scary things about your soul – and others’.

The rain fell on us as we danced in the parking lot at midnight. And it was exactly what the last dance of the night should have been.

I wanted to be the best. So I didn’t stop working until I was the best. And then I wasn’t anymore.

I wrote a bunch of letters to you. They’re in a drawer, waiting, in case you ever want them.

Is it possible he gave up waiting for you and settled for someone else?

Is it possible that you should do the same?

The pictures only go so far. But they do speak of happy times.

And then there’s one smell. One smell and I’m taken back to an exact time in the past.

I believed the lie that I convinced myself to believe. It was a beautiful lie. But it caused my heart to break.

I’ve lied to myself too many times in the past. It’s better just to be honest with yourself, even if it seems frightening.

I caved. I told her everything she wanted to know – and then some. It just seemed like too good of a story. And she ate it up like cake at a birthday party.

There was a lot in that look he gave me. He wouldn’t even admit it himself. But his eyes gave me a peek into his very soul. Be careful how you look at this girl.

Did she do everything she did for attention? If so, it worked.

Sometimes I stare at people a little too long because I’m trying to read their story and write it down on paper before it gets away from me.

She disappointed me so with that decision she made. I didn’t realize that one day, I would disappoint someone just as much.

You can say whatever you want when people think you’re lying. Maybe even the truth. And they’ll never know the difference.

And all of these are the first sentences of stories that will be written someday – stories that have hidden truths in them waiting to be told.

And maybe you found a truth about yourself in all of these sentences tonight. Maybe a truth you’ve been avoiding. Maybe a truth that makes you grateful for what you have. Or regret what you gave up. Or a truth that’s made you realize you need to stop lying to yourself.

Whatever it is, I hope you find the courage to tell yourself and others the truth. It will be good for you. I promise.


Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash.


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