Holidays · Whispers of Faith

The Longing

We all long for something more –

For peace in the midst of conflict,

For joy in the midst of sorrow,

For comfort and healing in the midst of pain.


We long for an end to our waiting,

We long to be intimately known and loved,

We long to be found in our wandering,

We long for a happy ending.


The longings are not a mistake.

They do not mean we are broken.

Rather, the longings were placed in us

To point us to something greater.


The something greater that came

As a baby in a manger –

The Savior of the world

Who came to fulfill all our longings.


The something greater that came

As the Light of the world

That shone into the greatest darkness

And whispered hope to all the longing hearts.


The something greater that came

To fulfill all the prophecies –

Born of a virgin, born in Bethlehem,

Born into poverty, born for sacrifice.


The Messiah is the only one

Who can cradle all our longings

And turn them into

Dazzling realities only dreamed of.


So as we stand at the manger,

Feeling emptiness gaping wide in our hearts,

We must turn our eyes to the end –

When the fulfillment will be greater

Than we could ever imagine.


Photo by Dan Kiefer on Unsplash.

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