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2020 Survivor Quiz

It truly has been a year like no other … but in the end, at least we can say we all got through it together. And more than any other year, we all had some of the oddest shared experiences. So I think it’s time to celebrate them and see what kind of 2020 Survivor you were!

Give yourself 1 point if …

  • You ran out of toilet paper this year OR couldn’t find it at any store at any point in time
  • You watched an entire season of a TV show (extra point for every additional show you watched)
  • You read more than 25 books
  • You never got sick
  • You made your own mask
  • You made a “quarantini” … or maybe more than one
  • You came up with a “quarantine game”
  • You sent a letter to someone in the mail
  • You supported a local business
  • You rocked the “business on top, casual on the bottom” during a Zoom meeting
  • You ever had 5 or more Zoom meetings in one day (with different people)
  • You tried new recipes during quarantine
  • You went a whole week without buying something online
  • You watched every episode of “Some Good News” with John Krasinski
  • You googled “symptoms of COVID” at least once
  • You posted at least one meme about what was going on in the world
  • You voted

Give yourself 5 points if …

  • You didn’t argue with anyone online
  • You got COVID and survived it
  • You carried a measuring stick with you to make sure you stayed 6 feet away from others
  • You didn’t virtue signal to anyone online
  • You learned a new skill or hobby
  • You gave extra love to your child’s poor teacher on the other side of the Zoom screen
  • You didn’t gain any extra weight during quarantine
  • You adopted a new pet
  • You or someone in your family gave yourself a haircut (give yourself a bonus point if it looked great; give yourself 3 bonus points if it looked awful)
  • You made a major life event happen despite all the circumstances (wedding, new baby, graduation, prom, new home, new job, etc.) – extra 5 points for every additional one.

Take away 5 points if …

  • You hoarded anything at any point
  • You claimed you had Internet problems to get out of a Zoom meeting
  • You were rude to someone at the store because you were mad about the state of the world
  • You were ever a Karen to someone else

Ultimate Survivor – Could Write the Book About 2020: 55-65+ points 

You could survive anything. You are a champion of taking a terrible situation and riding it out with a good sense of humor – and making some memories while doing so. Good for you! Also, stop being such an over-achiever and making the rest of us look bad.

Gold Star Survivor – Good Old-Fashioned Grit Style: 35-54 points

You win at doing this year creatively, but also not going over the top. You found ways to make things happen, even if it seemed impossible. Air five or socially distant hug for you, whichever you prefer.

Survived. That’s It. No Memes or TikTok videos for Me: 20-34 points

You got through the year because you had to – and you feel like there’s really no point in celebrating it. You are also ready to move on from the Zoom meetings and COVID headlines.

Survived with Some Help – Mask Breath & Toilet Paper Tubes for the Win: 11-19 points

Well, you did survive, but it took a lot of effort. That’s okay! The year was a struggle for all of us. Keep trying.

Hot Mess Survivor – Been on the Couch Since March: 0-10 points

So maybe you didn’t really survive that much at all, but we still love you. Have another bag of Doritos and watch another show on Netflix to end the year off right.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.



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