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This Lonely Road – Lenten Reflections

Lent has come again, and God has called me to quietly slip away from the loudness of social media for forty days and into deeper communion with Him (save for the sharing of some blog posts). It’s actually a relief to clear my mind from this distraction and press more closely into my Lord and what He wants me to learn and do for Him. So grateful for these days of sacrifice and remembrance of the road to Calvary. 

And to begin with, here is a reflection I wrote last year during Lent: 

The Savior committed

To this lonely road

Of sacrifice

And atonement.


Only He

Truly knew why

He had come to Earth –

And what price He had to pay.


He knew

Of “His time” –

The hour of which

He was always aware.


He labored in prayer

Over it.

He cried in anguish

For it to pass.


But He was

Fully committed

To the plan,

Impossible as it seemed.


And thus –

Would I shy away

From a lesser commitment

He’s asked me to take?


Can I not take

The cross of loneliness,

The fires of singleness,

The fight for purity?


My Savior took on

Far more for me –

How dare I

Even complain?


Help me then, Lord,

To submit

As you did,

With faithfulness and obedience.


Help me to

Have courage

And trust

Your sovereign plan –


For it’s proven to be

The most beautiful .


Photo by John Thomas on Unsplash.

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