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Those Foolish Words

“I feel foolish,” she said,

“trying to write words

That others have already said –

And far better than I.”


“But don’t feel foolish,”

He answered back.

“Because your words

Will become the melody of a song

Someone else has longed to hear.


“They will strike a chord

At just the right time and place

That no other’s words could –

And weave meaning into hungry hearts.


“Your foolish words

Will paint worlds that

Someone will fall in love with

And awaken all their forgotten wonder.


“Your foolish words

Will build hope

In darkest times

And deepest sorrow.


“Someone somewhere will read

Those foolish words

And weep because they will know

They are not alone.


“Your words are not foolish

Because they come from

A part of you that reaches out

And connects to another’s soul.


“They see beyond what

Most others see

In their hum-drum, ordinary lives –

And they bring beauty and depth with them.


“Your words are needed

In a world that is extremely foolish –

So don’t stop writing them

And lighting another’s flame as you do.


“You might think they’re foolish –

But another thinks they’re heavenly.

So keep on writing those words

Even just for that one other soul.”


Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash.

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