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He Has Not Abandoned Us

Dear friend,

I see you sitting there

At the crossroads

Of weariness and discouragement.


I see the tears that gather and fall

As you try to be so brave,

Bearing the pain of your loneliness.


And I long for the day

When the one will appear

Whose eyes will light up

When you walk into a room,


The one who will give meaning

To every love song,

The one whose embrace

Will melt away all the scars

Of being unloved.


But as you wait,

I also long for you

To know the Father even deeper

As you surrender your pain to him.


I pray that he would

Draw you close to his heart

Pounding with love

Deeper than any other love

You’ll ever know.


I pray he would drown you

In the lavish riches

Of mercy and grace

Pouring over you

In waves of relief.


He can handle all your longings.

They are not too much for him –

Because he’s the one who gave them to you,

And they are not too big for him to carry.


We may grow weak and tired,

But he never does.

And his strength becomes our own

As we turn to him again and again.


He is not holding back on us

Until we reach a magical moment

Of achievement and maturity –


No, He has

Sovereignly ordained

This moment of solitude

So that we might draw closer to him.


He has given us

This opportunity

To surrender our longings –

How sweet they are –

To his timing and plans.


He has not abandoned us

In our hour of despair –

Just as he did not

Abandon his Son in the garden.


His love is always unfailing.

And our hearts are so frail.

So may he strengthen us this night –

Showing us the beauty of his heart

And wrapping us in arms of everlasting grace.


Photo by Peter Thomas on Unsplash.

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