40-Some Things that Women Want

I’ve heard guys say before, “I just wish women would tell us what they want and stop expecting us to just know!” So I am here today to help you all out and give you a short list of what women want.

Not all women want all of these things. I doubt that every woman wants all of these things at the same time. And I’m sure there are many more things left off of this list that could be added over time.

But from personal experience, here are a few desires of a woman’s heart. Men, I would love for you to weigh in and tell me what you want, as I’d love to be enlightened.

A woman wants …

  1. To be found beautiful
  2. To make one man’s eyes light up at the sight of her
  3. To have a massage
  4. To have someone else make dinner
  5. To have a clean house for once
  6. To be truly understood and valued for who she is
  7. To have it all figured out
  8. To not have the heels kill her feet
  9. To hear a child’s voice call her “mama” – and to have that sweet head nuzzled into her chest
  10. To have a good hair day
  11. To have his fingers silently interlock with hers to let her know she’s not alone
  12. To not have the calories matter today
  13. To not have to plan it all for once
  14. To feel safe and protected as he wraps his arms around her
  15. To have sweats and a messy bun at the end of a long day
  16. To smell delicious
  17. To be surprised by a thoughtful gesture
  18. To slow dance to a song that has meaning in every word
  19. To know she’s still “got it”
  20. To know he believes in her and is cheering her on every step of the way
  21. To have someone to cuddle with
  22. To have his teasing and bantering light up her days
  23. To take care of someone
  24. To make others feel warm and cozy and at home
  25. To be right
  26. To be taken care of
  27. To have the guy step up and just ask her out instead of leading her on for months at a time
  28. To have someone to share it all with
  29. To have long conversations late into the night
  30. To see a few dreams come true
  31. To just cry and eat ice cream once a month
  32. To look really cute for that Instagram picture (but if not, there’s a filter for that)
  33. To make memories together
  34. To have at least one fairy tale moment in life
  35. To get a pedicure
  36. To have a fit bod without all the kale and running
  37. To stop being invited to every online sales party ever (unless you’re the one selling – in which case you want people to stop ignoring your invites)
  38. To find the perfect little black dress
  39. To go to Paris at least once
  40. To be listened to
  41. To be kissed because “he just couldn’t help it”
  42. To know she’s making a difference in the world
  43. To have a few moments of silence in the day
  44. To be pursued by a man because he is deeply in love with her
  45. To be cherished till she’s old and gray


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.

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