Poetry · Women

No One Can Steal Her Beauty

No one can steal the beauty

Of a woman

Who knows who she is

And Whose she is.


She steps forward

With quiet confidence

Because what other women have

Doesn’t threaten her.


Her eyes glow

With both passion and compassion

As she lives out her calling

And her care for others.


Her lips curve

With both laughter and determination,

Finding humor in life

As well as grit to keep going.


She knows her faults

And humbly accepts her humanity.

She relies not on her own strength

But on Christ’s alone.


Her beauty isn’t

Magazine model type –

Her body may be thicker,

Her wrinkles might be heavier.


But the strength and dignity

Carried in her every stride

Convey a deeper beauty

Than the air-brushed women

Will ever have.


And the fact

That’s she’s so unconcerned

About it at all

Makes her even more beautiful.


That kind of beauty –

Developed sweetly over years –

Can’t ever be stolen away

Because it’s from a character refined.


And that will last

For all of eternity.


Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash.

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