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You Gave My Wings Strength to Soar Again

The last year at my old school – the year when Covid struck – our counselor gave us the beautiful theme of “Together we rise.” Earlier in the year before the shutdown happened, every student in the school painted a feather, which she then assembled into giant multi-colored wings which were put on display in the lobby of the school.

That day when the kids were painting them, they were encouraged to write thoughts or poems around the theme, so while they were doing that, I, too, sat down and scribbled out a poem. Tonight, I pulled it out again and marveled at how I had no idea of what was coming – or how true those words would become over the worst year of my life.

So for all of you who have walked with me in my darkest hours of grief – thank you. You truly helped me to rise again.


At my lowest –

When the dark seemed forever,

And the sun was erased

With no promise of return –


You appeared,

And with your presence,

Gave me hope



When the rain pounded down,

The hurt pressed close,

The tears wouldn’t stop,

And the ache was too real –


You wrapped your arms

Around me,

Absorbed my pain,

And slowly, I began to rise.


Your love

Lifted me out of the pit,

Reminded me I’m not alone,

And gave my wings

Strength to soar again.


And in that moment,

I knew I was not alone.

I knew that together

We would fly –


The clouds would part,

The sun would rise,

The new day would dawn,

And hope would come again.


Photo by Kea Mowat on Unsplash.

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