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A Lament for One With a Broken Heart

“That’s heartbreaking,” he said After hearing her story. “Yes, it is,” she said back With a dramatic smile on her face – Which was only to cover up The actual brokenness of her heart That came leaking out The moment the door was Closed behind them.   She didn’t know why She always fell for… Continue reading A Lament for One With a Broken Heart

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True Love Does Not Wait

Remember the “True Love Waits” movement of the early 2000s? The signing of the pledges and the wearing of the purity rings and the songs about waiting for your future husband? I was all in for that movement and was a little over-zealous in my “pursuit of purity.” And while I still fully believe that… Continue reading True Love Does Not Wait

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2022: Covenant Faithfulness as a Single Person

The word “covenant” is used quite a bit in Christian circles. We speak of God’s covenants in the Bible, there’s something called “covenant theology,” and there is, of course, the covenant of marriage. Typically, we know that covenants are serious agreements, but beyond that, we might not know the depth of what a covenant truly… Continue reading 2022: Covenant Faithfulness as a Single Person