Dating · Dreamy Things

He Couldn’t Explain

He couldn’t explain why he wanted to make her talk–and talk to only him. 

How he longed for them to share knowing glances and private jokes. 

How when he made her laugh, he felt like the richest man in the world. 

He couldn’t explain how much he wanted her eyes to meet his again and again–

because every time they did, he felt that she was saying, “I love you.” 


He couldn’t explain why she lit up his world with so much color and life, 

or how with a mere glance, they could understand each other. 

There seemed to be no rational reason for the way she brought him joy

like none other ever had or ever could. 

He didn’t know why the collision of their souls

sent sparks flying in all direction, 

But he did know this: 


He wanted to lay claim to her and for that look in her eyes 

to tell the rest of the room forever that she was his and only his. 


Picture gleaned from Pinterest. 


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