Grieving · Poetry · Singleness · Whispers of Faith

A Lament for One With a Broken Heart

“That’s heartbreaking,” he said

After hearing her story.

“Yes, it is,” she said back

With a dramatic smile on her face –

Which was only to cover up

The actual brokenness of her heart

That came leaking out

The moment the door was

Closed behind them.


She didn’t know why

She always fell for the ones

Who didn’t love her back –

Why her stories were full of

The shadows of all

She held dear,

But that always danced away

When she got too close.


She didn’t know why

Her life felt like a

Series of closing doors,

Tear-stained pillows,

Painful secrets,

Pasted smiles,

And shattered dreams.


And oh, how emotionally exhausted

Her heart, her eyes, her smile

Had become those many years.

A story told within mere minutes

Could never fully encapsulate

The hours, months, years

Of dreaming, hoping, waiting,

Weeping, praying, and resigning.


She’d worked so hard not to be seen

As tragic, pitiable, and rejected –

But when they said her story was


Her heart began to crumble

All the more

As they shared in her pain

If even for a moment.


There’s no use in pretending

We’re not human

And that pain doesn’t

Seep out of our pores sometimes.

Because we are, and it does.

And we need the ones

Who understand and who care

And who wrap us up

In the love we so desperately need.


So let us keep whispering

Our stories of hurt and pain,

Loneliness and disappointment

To the ones who care –

Because though we might feel rejected,

And though our hearts might be broken,

These are the ones who are here for us

To help bind our wounds

And be an extension

Of the love of God himself.


He has never forgotten us,

And his heart is breaking with ours

In the silent hours that no one else can see.

And he has given us fellow pilgrims

To weep with us and love us still

When we feel the most forgotten about.

Let us cling to this light

When the darkness presses in.


We are not alone.

God is with us and for us.

And there is always hope

For tomorrow.


Photo by Jake Colling on Unsplash.

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