Poetry · Writing

Swing with the Stars

Swing with the stars, my daughter –

You were made to dream dreams,

Sing songs of a new melody,

And script poetry every day.


The fog of the world

Has clouded your vision

And choked those dreams

And hushed that voice.


But it’s time to wake up

And hear the music

That once was so clear and pure

That inspired your heart.


It’s time to wield the pen

Against that darkness

And with your words

Shine light on the alpine path.


It’s time to sing lullabies

To your aching fears

And open the door to dreams

Hesitating on the other side.


Run and embrace the starlight, my dear –

How its gauzy light

Was meant to fill your eyes

And spill over to touch

The lives of so many people.


Don’t keep them waiting anymore.


Photo by Johnny Kaufman on Unsplash.

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