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When Will the Acceptable Time Come?

“But as for me, my prayer is to You,


At an acceptable time, O God,

In the abundance of Your steadfast

Love answer me in Your

Saving faithfulness.”

                             Psalm 69:13


My prayer is to You

Not my wistful fancies.

My prayer is to You

Not the sly imposters.


When will the

“Acceptable time” come –

My heart

Longs to know.


Haven’t I waited

Long enough?

Haven’t my days seen

Enough sorrow and longing?


But my prayer is to You –

And only You know when

The acceptable time may be

To answer my prayers.


And I am reminded

Of the abundance

Of your steadfast love

Toward me.


Not the begrudging nod

Or the forced doling over

Or even the limited budget

Of showing some love.


But You have an abundance

Of love that You shower

On me daily

That I don’t deserve.


Your love is steadfast –

It’s unchanging,

Despite my ever changing



You show up every day

To carry me

In my weakness

And longing.


You give me Your

Saving faithfulness

And I am wrapped

In forever care.


I think I’m alone –

But never is that the case.

For You are always

By my side.


And in this –

As always –

You’ve answered

My prayers


At the acceptable time.


Photo by Anastasiya Leskova on Unsplash.

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