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A Prayer for Those Hoping for Love

In a season of hoping in my life, I wrote the following prayer. 

And if you are in a season of hoping right now—praying—longing—wondering—I pray these words would encourage your heart and help you center your hoping in Christ himself.

He hears all our prayers. His sovereign love and grace are guiding our lives.

We are never alone in the longing.




Oh God, I plead for humility.

I don’t know better

Than You.

Help me to trust You



May I long for

What is best

For him.

And if it’s not me,

Let me accept it



May I submit

To what is best

For me.

And if it’s not him,

Let me trust You



And what if it is?

May I trust

Your timing


And not try

To rush ahead

With my impatience.


If he is your best

For me,

May I believe

Nothing will stop You

From bringing us together.


And if he is not

Your best for me,

May I trust

That You will

Lovingly keep him

From me.


Grow in me

A long patience

In the wondering

And a faithfulness

To work at every task

You’ve called me to.


All is gift.

All is grace.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash.

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