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Deny Not These Tears

Deny not these tears,

My sweet one.

Deny not the ache in your heart

That whispers a fragile song

With a broken melody.


For with each tear,

Gently bottled by the Father,

You reveal your humanity

And the love woven

Strand by strand into your soul.


And every tired longing

Whispers that this place

Is not our final home,

Nor anything on this earth

Our full satisfaction.


Sit with the silence

And the lament.

Recognize the brokenness

Of a sin-cursed world,

Of anxious thoughts,

Of tainted desires.


Feel no shame

When the weeping comes upon you.

Hurry not to hide it away

Under plastic smiles

And false perfection.


The heart does break.

The soul does long.

The wounds aren’t always healed.

The grief isn’t always gone.

And the sin is sometimes too real.


We are but dust.


And he knows it.


And he loves us all the more.


He carries us on wings of grace.

He shelters us in the cleft of the rock.

He provides us with strength.

He gives us the truth of a solid foundation.


You are not alone

With your tears,

My love.


And one by one,

They will bind you

To the Father’s heart.


He broke apart

His own heart

On a cruel cross—


So we would be

Saved from eternal despair,

Grief, and longing.


Deny not these tears,

But empty them

At the feet of the one

Who will one day

Wipe them away

For all eternity.


This life is but a vapor.


Heaven is our true home.


His grace is enough.


Photo by Kat J on Unsplash.

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