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Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Advent Sunday 3: Peace

Reflections from Zephaniah 3 & Luke 1


Angry shouts ring out.

A door is slammed.

A gun goes off.

A siren wails in the night.


Wars rage across the planet.

Gang violence ravages neighborhoods.

Bullies rule the school yard.

Marriages rip apart in homes.


And we all just ache for it to stop.

We weep into our pillows,

We try to escape through addictions,

We run and we run and we run.


But – two thousand years ago –

In the midst of all the chaos –

A newborn opened his mouth,

Inhaled earthly oxygen,

And exhaled the peace of heaven.


The prophets had promised,

“The King of Israel, the Lord, is in

Your midst;

You shall never again fear evil”

“He will quiet you with his love.”


Is it possible? Can there really be

Peace on earth?

Will the wars and fighting ever cease?

Can we find sweet refuge from pain?


And the answer is yes.

Jesus was born so he could

Die on the cross,

Bringing peace to the souls

Of those who believe.


These are the ones who have

Assurance in the midst of storms

That they aren’t alone

And that God isn’t finished.


Because one day he will return,

And this time, he will conquer evil for good

And peace will reign forever

On this broken and bloodied planet.


We have nothing to fear

This Christmas,

With the God of the universe

Born as a baby

To bring an end to all the chaos.

For, he will “guide our feet

Into the way of peace.”


Photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash.

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