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The Art of Lighting Candles on Rainy Days

Gray is just outside the window—

Raindrops pelt the roof,

Echoing through the vent,

Sleeting toward the sidewalk.


Gray creeps up to my soul—

Threatening to enter from outside.

Tears begin to well in my eyes,

Trickling a path down my cheeks.


The day seems dark and dismal—

Clouds and fog seem never ending—

And echoes of failure and heartache

Clang with every pounding raindrop.


But then I strike a match—

A tiny flame flares up,

And I dip it into the candle wick

To set it burning.


I light another candle

And set more flames dancing

In a growing pool of molten wax,

Glistening off the edges of glass.


And the warmth of candlelight

Makes the gray day suddenly cozy—

The flickering glow

Shines light into a melancholy soul.


The rain hasn’t gone away,

But it no longer seems dismal,

For hope comes with the bringing of light,


And I am comforted once more

By the art of lighting candles

On rainy days.


Photo by Nataliee Shell 🇺🇦 on Unsplash.

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