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52 Dates: A Year’s Worth of Inspiration

I know we all love the classic standby of a great dinner date, but sometimes we just need some fresh ideas for dates. Don’t worry. I’ve come to your rescue with a few things that have come to mind over the past few months.

My apologies in advance for only including things that I think sound fun (you can add a camping date to your own list, but I’ll skip that one for myself), and my apologies for dates that are localized to our area – but those can easily be swapped for your area’s own local attractions.

Have fun, and may the love and laughter be ever in your favor!

  1. Make or build something together date
  2. Thrift store date
  3. Bookstore date
  4. Fair date
  5. Picnic in the park date
  6. Mini-golfing and fro-yo date
  7. Silverwood (or any theme park) date
  8. Dinner + a show date
  9. Dancing date
  10. Coffeeshop date (find the cutest and coziest coffeeshop)
  11. Movie date
  12. Paddle boarding date
  13. Escape room date
  14. Walk through the neighborhood date
  15. Serve others date
  16. Ghetto date at the gas station
  17. Make dinner with friends date
  18. Greenbluff (or orchard/pumpkin patch) date
  19. Watch the sunset
  20. Watch the sunrise (with thermoses of tea/coffee + breakfast food)
  21. Rowboat on the lake date
  22. Babysit someone else’s kids date
  23. Road trip date
  24. Pottery or painting date
  25. Shooting date
  26. Geocaching date
  27. Breakfast date
  28. Bowling date
  29. Treasure hunt date
  30. Favorite movie date
  31. Roller skating date
  32. Childhood memories date
  33. Bike ride date
  34. Walk by the river date
  35. Docksides + walk by the lake date
  36. Book or movie themed date
  37. Fancy/classy date
  38. Game night date
  39. Historical site date
  40. Sporting event date
  41. Holiday-themed date
  42. Ice cream date
  43. Cultural/political/community event date
  44. Concert date
  45. A “try something new” date
  46. A “literary lover” themed date (see ideas in this blog post and this one)
  47. Summer outdoor movie date
  48. An “exploring nature” date
  49. A “boring-chore-made-fun-with-you” date
  50. A Home Depot/Ikea decorate-your-dream-home date
  51. Star-gazing date
  52. Talk by the fireplace late into the night date


Photo by Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash.

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