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Mothering with Purpose

mother (v):         bring up (a child) with care & affection

                             look after (someone) kindly & protectively


When God made us women,

He intentionally crafted into us

A set of mothering skills and instincts

That he meant us to walk fully into.


Our very bodies were designed

To bear and carry life

And to nourish and nurture it,

Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


This is a beautiful thing.

Mothers have an achingly difficult job—

But one which is filled with

Joy, delight, and wonder.


But even if you haven’t

Borne children of your own,

And you feel your mothering skills

Are perhaps being wasted—


Take heart, dear sister.

God still wants you to

Mother with purpose

That which he’s given you right now.


Maybe it’s a niece or nephew.

Maybe it’s a family friend’s child.

Maybe it’s a student or someone you mentor.

Maybe it’s a home that others

Enter into for rest and respite.


He wants you to spiritually mother

Those who are new in their faith,

Or who need guidance and support

In how to walk faithfully as a disciple of Christ.


He wants you to speak the gospel

To hungry souls waiting to be re-born,

And then help nourish them

With the Word of God and prayer.


He wants you to look after them

Tenderly and affectionately.

He wants you to care for them,

Nurture their growth,

And give them protection and rest.


This is what we, as women,

Were designed to do.

And when we walk into this purpose,

Humbly submitting ourselves to God’s plan,

We will find fullness of joy.


God’s plans always look different

Than what we expect.

But if we trust him fully,

Instead of whining and complaining,

He will open our eyes

To the beauty folded into those plans.


May we all mother with purpose

The people he’s put into our lives—

Biological or spiritual children—

So that his kingdom will come

On earth as it is in heaven.


Photo by J W on Unsplash.

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