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A Prayer for Those Hoping for Love

In a season of hoping in my life, I wrote the following prayer.  And if you are in a season of hoping right now—praying—longing—wondering—I pray these words would encourage your heart and help you center your hoping in Christ himself. He hears all our prayers. His sovereign love and grace are guiding our lives. We… Continue reading A Prayer for Those Hoping for Love

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Five Questions to Consider Before Dating Someone

“Should you tell a guy that you like him?” “What were some of your concerns about that guy’s character?” “He told me how he felt about me. Do you think we should start dating?” My conversations about dating range from lunch-time conversations with my 8th-grade girls to coffeeshop meetups with college girls to late night… Continue reading Five Questions to Consider Before Dating Someone

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True Love Does Not Wait

Remember the “True Love Waits” movement of the early 2000s? The signing of the pledges and the wearing of the purity rings and the songs about waiting for your future husband? I was all in for that movement and was a little over-zealous in my “pursuit of purity.” And while I still fully believe that… Continue reading True Love Does Not Wait