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The Divine and Dreadful Death

Holy Week Reflections, Day 5 “The Divine and Dreadful Death” – based on Luke 22-23 Torchlight gleamed in the garden, A disciple came forward With the kiss of a traitor, Ignoring the Messiah’s reproach.   Bonfire light shone in the courtyard, Another disciple shook his head, Denying three times his Savior, Till one look from… Continue reading The Divine and Dreadful Death

Holidays · Poetry · Whispers of Faith

The Masquerade of Worshipers

Holy Week Reflections, Day 2 “The Masquerade of Worshipers” – Matthew 21:12-17 They masqueraded as worshipers. You saw right through them. They robbed and cheated and stole. You exposed them for all to see.   They pretended all was well. Your gaze pierced through their unwell souls. They flaunted their money, religion, and power. You… Continue reading The Masquerade of Worshipers

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When Part of Your Heart Feels Dark this Christmas

Part of my pre-lit Christmas tree went dark this year, leaving my cozy view looking like above. I felt embarrassed about taking a picture of it – it wasn’t the perfectly beautiful Christmas tree that I’ve put up every year and come to associate with all things joyfully Christmas. But I realized recently that sometimes… Continue reading When Part of Your Heart Feels Dark this Christmas