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Culture Wars are Truth Wars

“Culture wars” has become one of the latest buzzwords in the last few years. It first came to my attention in 2020 when the “wars” were mainly centered around the Covid pandemic and all the disagreements about masks and shut-downs. However, according to this article on Politico (“How the ‘Culture War’ Could Break Democracy”), the… Continue reading Culture Wars are Truth Wars

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And So, We Hope this Christmas

Advent Sunday 1: Hope Reflections from Isaiah 9 We walk in the gloom of anguish. We walk in thick darkness,               our heads bowed low,               our hearts burdened heavy,               our tears breaking out.   Sin weighs us down. Pain, disease, heartache, despair— They seem to touch every corner Of our messy and fragile… Continue reading And So, We Hope this Christmas

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Dear 35: I Hope You Build with Courage

The first half of my twenties were filled with adventure, memories, laughter, and a good share of angst that culminated in a devastating heartbreak right before my 25th birthday. The second half of my twenties saw healing, growth, and an embracing of who God had made me to be. My 30th birthday was a beautiful… Continue reading Dear 35: I Hope You Build with Courage