Holidays · Whispers of Faith

Dear Savior of our Souls …

You came into our longing.
You came into the emptiness and aching of our hearts.
You came to breathe life into our wounded and weary bones.
You came to free us from fear and guilt.

You never forgot us.
You gently waited until the timing was perfect –
– and you surprised us with a baby’s cry.

You always do that. You surprise us with Your mercy and Your perfect plan.
Your plan is nothing that we expected, but everything we ever longed for.

And when we forget – as we are so prone to do –
You bring us the star above Bethlehem to remind us that You faithfully guide us back to You.
You bring us gifts to remind us of Your greatest gift.
You bring us the birth of a virgin to remind us that You can do the impossible.
You bring us the cries of a baby to remind us that You would give up everything and take the lowliest form –
To save us from slavery to sin and bring us into relationship with You.

You bring us the plan from eternity past … illuminate it across the pages of history … and whisper, “The best is yet to come.”

You came to die – to take our sins upon Your sinless back, vanquish them in death and resurrection, and ascend into heaven – with the promise that You’ll come back one day.

And because of that, I can live with hope this Christmas.

I can shed my weary load, knowing You came to relieve it and fold me into Your arms of grace.

I can worship with the light of future hope, knowing You will finish the story the way You began it – conquering fear and death with love and peace.

I can let go of all my expectations of picture-pretty traditions, knowing that when I expect You at Christmas – You will always fulfill.

I can welcome another new year because I know that You are at work in this sector of history just as much as every one that has come before.

You are the long-expected Jesus, the only love we need in this heartbroken world.

You are the author of light and song and stories being told through human lives.

And you took on one such human life to forever cancel our debt of death and woo us to Your ever merciful heart.

May we never forget … and may we only worship You more fervently this Christmas, O Savior of our souls.

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