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Don’t Stop Fighting, Oh Weary Soul

dont stop fighting

Don’t stop fighting –

Even if you feel like

The most broken soul

That ever was.


Don’t stop gripping on

To fragile hope,

Its flame feebly flickering

In the darkest night.


Don’t stop whispering

Desperate prayers

Of a lonely and hollow heart

Pounding rhythms of pain.


For even when

The ghost of tears

Lingers behind

Solemn eyes –


Even when

The smile

Won’t be etched

Into lips of stone –


Even when

The thoughts

Won’t be tamed

With optimism –


There is value

To your fighting,

My love.


There is value

In you not giving up

Or giving in,

Despite all your weariness.


There is value

In running to Scripture –

Its promises holding fast

When you can’t anymore.


Your fragile, dust-like faith

Might feel paper-thin,

Blown about by heavy winds

And slammed by wild storms.


But this is part of our

“Inward groaning”

As we wait eagerly

For the redemption of our bodies.


Life is not as it should be.

The creation has been cursed.

And thus, it is hard.

And the battle never-ending.


But when we have fought,

With drooping eyes,

Weary Scriptures,

Faint prayers –


We are brought

To the other side,

Strengthened by

The arms of our Savior.


When the battle is over,

We find joy restored,

Peace trickling in,

And hope renewed.


But most of all –


We find that we know

The heart of Christ

More intimately

Than ever before.


For though we may not

Have known it,

He was closer to us in the fray

Than the demons –


Holding us,

Comforting us,

Strengthening us,

Guiding us.


And one day

When we stand face to face,

He will not be a surprise –

For His will be the heart

That beat with ours

Through all the darkest nights.


And He was the One

Who never stopped

Fighting for us,

When we felt hopelessly lost.


So don’t stop fighting,

Oh weary soul.


“Weeping may endure

For a night,

But joy cometh

In the morning.”


It will be worth it in the end.


Scriptures quoted and paraphrased from Romans 8 and Psalm 30.


Photo by Attentie Attentie on Unsplash.

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